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Ramen Dayo

Ramen Dayo

Lunch Club visited Ramen Dayo a couple of weeks ago and we were so impressed that we had to go back the following week.

Ramen Dayo started life as an outdoors pop up restaurant down a lane off Gordon Street in the city centre. Glaswegians were prepared to put up with being exposed to the chilly winter air for a bowl of delicious ramen and Ramen Dayo quickly established itself as the coolest eatery in the city.  They moved to their current home at La Cheetah, 73 Queen Street in February which was thankfully much less exposed to the elements than their previous spot.

The Menu

The menu is beautifully simple. For starters, you can choose between edamame, a rice dish called chasu-don, or gyoza dumplings with chicken, pork, bulgogi beef or vegetables. As for the mains, they do ramen and they do it well.

There is a selection of pork broth, miso and veggie ramens. You can add extra toppings like pork belly or a soft boiled egg to your ramen for a few extra pounds.

Ramen Dayo also does a range of intriguing cocktails and Japanese beers which we were sadly unable to try as we were on our office lunch hour.

The Food

For starters, we opted for the pork gyoza dumplings. These were crispy, light, flavoursome and absolutely delicious. 

For mains, we went for the Tonkotsu and the Veggie Tantanmen Ramen.

The Tonkotsu broth was incredibly rich and creamy. We were told that the pork and chicken bones were slowly simmered for 20 hours but the broth was so deliciously rich and meaty that we could have believed they had been simmered for even longer than that.

Reading the menu we saw that the Tonkotsu miso ramen was an even richer version of what we had ordered, so we would recommend the Tonkotsu as the entry level ramen.

The Tonkotsu comes with ramen noodles, slow cooked pork belly, marinated kikurage mushrooms, nori seaweed and finely chopped spring onions.

The Veggie Tantanmen broth was also very rich but much creamier than the Tonkotsu. The noodles are topped with spicy ground pork or Quorn, threaded spring onion, pak choi, chilli oil & angel hair chilli.

Lunch Club Verdict

Although a club may seem like a strange setting for a pop-up restaurant, Ramen Dayo has done well to keep the spirit of the original venue. The soft lighting, hanging Japenese lanterns and large screen displaying anime movies creates a cool Japanese vibe.

Our shared gyoza starter and mains came to £19 which we thought was very reasonably priced.

Our only complaint was that service was a little slow as it took well over an hour for lunch. However, service was welcoming and friendly.

If you’re looking for a genuinely unique Glasgow food spot, look no further than Ramen Dayo.

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