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Hug and Pint at Taste Buchanan

Hug and Pint at Taste Buchanan

The latest contender for Glasgow Lunch Club attention at Taste Buchanan was West End vegan sensation the Hug and Pint.

Hug and Pint Menu

Ok, so the menu is a little intimidating. Taste Buchanan have said that it will be changing frequently, but on the day of the Glasgow Lunch Club visit, the options were as follows:

  • Mushroom rice pudding
  • Mushroom and cashew curry
  • Szechuan and black bean tofu


I opted for the most familiar item on the menu, but I was very tempted by what I can only assume would be a very creamy curry.

Hug and Pint Service

Service was a lot quicker than other Taste Buchanan pop ups, so I would recommend giving it a go if you are in Buchanan Galleries and pushed for time. I was provided with with chopsticks and napkins and also asked if I would like a drink – which has in the past been an issue with some taste Buchanan vendors.


Hug and Pint Food

The tofu was both deliciously crisp and tender – which I’m sure tofu fans will agree is vegan gold! The sauce was sweet, spicy and sticky as a Szechuan should be, and the addition of vegetables and cashews made this a super satisfying dish. It was served with a mound of fluffy white rice cooked to perfection, in a cardboard ‘takeout box’. In terms of portion size I was certainly not left hungry, and I only managed to finish the large portion because I can’t leave anything on my plate.

Lunch Club Verdict

The Hug and Pint have certainly got our approval. Although the menu seems a little scary to non-veggies, I hope everyone gives the food at Hug and Pint a go – we certainly were not disappointed. At just £6.50, the quality of the food was exceptional and I would highly recommend the pop-up for quick dining alone or with friends.

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