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Tim Horton’s Glasgow Review

Tim Horton’s Glasgow Review

Well don’t we feel lucky, eh? Lunch Club and friends were some of the first people in the UK to try the legendary Tim Horton’s on home soil. As part of a staff training preview, we attended the UK’s first Tim Horton’s store to try out what they had to offer – and we certainly weren’t disappointed.

In order to get a a view of how authentic the Glasgow store really is, we brought along a massive Tim Horton’s fan – my granny! She has been visiting her sister in Canada for decades, and stops off for a ‘Timmy’s’ every morning g she’s in town.


Tim Horton’s Glasgow Menu

The menu is kept pretty simple, with your usual variety of coffee, tea and speciality drinks, as well as a choice of sandwiches, wraps and panninis. Where Tim Horton’s really comes into it’s own is in the baked good division, and if donuts are your thing, you are REALLY gonna love this place.


Tim Horton’s Glasgow Service

A business run by Canadian’s was always going to be a super friendly place, but they seem to have done a really great job of choosing staff members. Every single person we met from going through those doors to leaving was friendly, upbeat and enthusiastic about their job. Even though we went to a training day, service went without a hitch and we were served surprising quickly for how long the queue was!

Tim Horton’s Food

I initially tried to order the veggie chipotle wrap  but they were all out of veggie strips, so I had to order the steak and cheese wrap(I’m such a bad reductarian) and my gran went for the steak and cheese sandwich. We both ordered the combo which came with potato wedges and a drink, and also a side of ranch dressing and chipotle mayo. For a person that has lived in North America for a substantial amount of time, FINALLY getting real ranch and chipotle mayo is a godsend! I ordered a large black original blend coffee, and my gran a steeped tea. We waited for our food at the counter and it was ready quickly.


The steak wrap was delicious, slightly spicy with a tomato, lettuce and a little crunch in there too. It was really flavourful, with the spicy, smoky chipotle, strong cheese and a decent amount of steak. The steak panini was similar, but with cooked onions and no spice – it was really large too. Gran took half home with her for later. The wedges were crisp and well seasoned, and such a delight with our dips. They also came as  a generous sized portion.


The coffee and tea MASSIVE – I will deffo be stopping off in the morning to fuel up for the day! And yes, the coffee is totally, totally, worth the hype. Its real coffee as you would expect – not undertones of liquorice, hemp, or unicorn tears – just great, strong coffee.

No trip to Tim Horton’s is complete without some Timbits, and I would highly recommend stopping off for a box to get a flavour of what Tim Horton’s has to offer in terms of baked goods. They are all deliciously full flavoured and super soft. I’m not a massive lover of donuts, but I was swayed by these for sure.


Glasgow Lunch Club Verdict

Tim Horton’s is the perfect addition to Glasgow’s fast food and coffee scene. It is warm and unpretentious, and offers good, tasty, hot food in a coffee shop setting.


Although our outing was free of charge, we really do need to mention the price – it’s so cheap! For a coffee, sandwich and potato wedges its only £5.59! Take that large coffee retailers. Even just for a coffee, it comes in at £1.19, or £1.59 for a large. Oh and Timbits are only 29p per bite.


I’m notoriously bowled over by great branding, but I think Tim Horton’s have really filled a gap in the market. When you want neither burgers and fries, not an artisan sandwiches and cold brew, Timmy’s provides a glorious in between. LUNCH CLUB (and grandma) APPROVED!


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